Fever screening scans crowd at the airport

Mass Fever Screening System

The next generation of Mass Fever Screening System stands prepared
for any pandemic situation regardless of environmental factors.


National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliance?

The Sentry MK4, NDAA compliant edition is now available. Call us for more details!
Existing US operators of our Mass Fever Screening System with such compliance requirements can contact us for options.

Sentry MK4 - Mass Fever Screen System Hardware
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Contact us to find out how our fever screening system stands apart from other fever scanner solution and why our unique system has been selected by some of America’s most successful organisations!

Extensive Deployment Since 2009

Proven effective in independent studies and extensive deployment since 2009. The Sentry family of MFSS has stand guard and protected countless against many epidemics and pandemics. From H1N1, MERS, Ebola and now COVID-19, our fever detection system have been the trusted solution to secure critical installations and national borders.

Fever Scanner detection on thermal screen
Mass Fever Screening System scanning human at the airport

Forefront of Pandemic Defense

Our Mass Fever Screening System not only protect lives, but we also safeguard economies and preserve our way of life. The Sentry MFSS will be fully supported by Omnisense Systems USA Inc.

To know more about fever screening system, click FAQ.

What is Mass Fever Screening System?

Mass Fever Screening System is a professional grade fever scanner that scans, detects and tracks febrile persons with elevated skin temperature at any venue with large human traffic from the airports, hospitals, educational institutions, government facilities, bus stations to public events.

  • Real-time screening quickly and accurately identify suspected individuals without causing unnecessary obstruction.
  • Extremely easy to operate with simple user interface.
  • In-built system’s intelligence will calibrate itself to the surrounding temperature without any human intervention.

The Sentry MFSS is not marketed or intended to be used as a medical device. This fever detection device does not determine the core body temperature of a person. Actual core body temperature can only be determined using an approved clinical measurement device. For proper and effective use of Sentry MFSS, contact us.

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